Celebrating friendship, celebrating friends!

Much cleaner feed

Consider your present social media feed and remove the garbage from it. That's

Don't worry, you still get the memes from your memes guy...

Limited content

You only get content from groups you have subscribed to and from your friends and friends of friends.

Enough to satisfy the content itch, not for sinking hours...

High quality

Groups are curated by humans - people who have a reputation to live up to.

Moderated mandlis allow everyone to contribute while keeping quality bar extremely high...

Spam free groups

Think about the 'family' group minus the spam. That's us!

Introvert friendly

Suffer from social anxiety? Don't want to post to hundreds and thousands of people?
We got your back...

Structured conversations

Afraid of losing the important messages in a sea of comments?
We organize the bakar!

No virality

Tired of fake inspirational posts and just want to hang out online? We are very very difficult to go viral on.
There is no mike in here, no one needs to shout!!

Meaningful connections

That feeling when a friend connects you to a stranger saying you both should hang out. That feeling!


Buffs received by your friends show up here. Guess who? And then, help them guess who buffed them!


Buffs are a step towards spreading some positivity, to celebrate people around us and to think of qualities to imbibe from them, having fun on the way.
Buffs you receive will show up here.

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